Why are some or all orders are unfilled?

Why are some or all orders are unfilled?

Here are some common scenarios where the order(s) end up being Unfilled/Partially Filled:


·         Stocks Sold on Broker Platform – If client has sold the Equity Basket stocks directly on broker platform, this information is not updated in Fintso for privacy reasons. When the client attempts to sell the stock again, this results in an unfilled order.


·         Upper Circuit or Lower Circuit Each stock has a price band within which it can move, for a given day. So, when a stock's price hits the upper or lower circuit, respectively, no buy or sell orders can go through.


·         Insufficient funds while placing the orders – Although a funds-check is conducted when any order is placed – prices might have changed resulting in a/some order(s) not getting filled.


There are 2 actions client can take when there are unfilled orders:

1.      Repair - Repair will place the fresh orders for the unfilled ones.

2.      Archive - Archive completes the order by ignoring the unfilled orders.

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