Which are the broker platforms currently live with Fintso?

Which are the broker platforms currently live with Fintso?

Equity Baskets are currently available on the following brokers:

1.       5Paisa

2.       Axis Securities

3.       Dhan

4.       Groww

5.       HDFC Securities

6.       ICICIdirect

7.       IIFL

8.       Kotak Securities

9.       Zerodha

10.   Alice Blue

11.   Angel One

12.   Edelweiss

13.   FundzBazar

14.   Motilal Oswal

15.   Trustline

16.   Upstox​

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      The difference in the method for calculating Average Buy Price (ABP): ·         On the broker platform, the ABP is calculated using FIFO (first in, first out) for tax liability ·         For Equity Basket, the simple average method is adopted for ...
    • My client’s holdings show stocks that they don't hold any longer, what should I do?

      Client should not sell the stocks in Equity Baskets directly on the broker platform or any platform outside Fintso as: ·         Fintso platform doesn’t receive any transactions done outside Fintso platform ·         Holdings would continue to show ...
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    • Can I create my own Equity Basket?

      No, only curated Equity Baskets managed by Registered Investment Advisors are available on Fintso.