What should be done when Orders are Unfilled?

What should be done when Orders are Unfilled?

In such a scenario, Fintso will automatically create an order for the client to fix the gaps. Client will be notified by an email and app notification to complete the execution. The order type for such orders will be 'Fix'.


Once the client proceeds with the execution:

Client can either repair or archive:


Repair - It will place fresh orders for unfilled stocks only

·         Client will Review and place repair order


Archive - Client can also ignore unfilled orders if he/she doesn't want to place them

·         Client can choose “Archive Orders

·         This may deviate Equity Basket Investment from the original investment objective

Please note: New orders cannot be created in an Equity Basket where there exist Unfilled orders. The client needs to take action on the order with the type 'Fix'.

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