What are the subscription charges?

What are the subscription charges?

The subscription charges vary from basket to basket and are decided by the creator.


Equity Baskets can be charged in 2 ways; AUM-based or Flat fee-based 

  1.  AUM-based Equity Baskets are charged on the average monthly AUM of one’s portfolio.
    1. For e.g. Equity Basket 'X' is charged at an upfront fee of Rs 250/- and 1.5% of the investment amount which is charged from the client every month on his/her investment value. 
    2. Here, a fee of Rs.250 will be charged upfront during the subscription as one-time fee. Once invested, the subscription fee will be collected every month on the subscription start date (1.5% of the average monthly AUM divided by 12). 
  2.  Flat fee-based Equity Baskets, as the name suggests, collect a flat fee at the beginning of the service. For e.g. Equity Basket 'Y’ is charged at Rs. 2499/- for 3 months of subscription.

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