What are the charges I have to pay?

What are the charges I have to pay?

Please see the scheme details. 
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    • Are there any lien marking and lien removal charges?

      There is no lien marking charge applicable at the time of application. Pledging further securities or de-pledging will attract a charge. You can refer to schedule of charges from here.
    • Can I make part payment?

      Yes. You can make part payment and there is no prepayment charges. 
    • Is there an option to make prepayment?

      Yes, you can prepay your loan as per your convenience without any charges.
    • What are the Interest charging procedures?

      Interest will be charged on the basis of daily outstanding balance in the loan account and will be accounted monthly. You are requested to pay interest debited every month to avoid account becoming a Non Performing Asset ( NPA). 
    • What are the repayment modes available?

      You can repay the loan either by selling shares pledged to us or by paying the amount. If you wish to sell the shares, please inform us through mail and we will sell the shares to settle the loan outstanding plus interest. You can close the loan by ...