What are the available investment opportunities through Fintso?

What are the available investment opportunities through Fintso?

Fintso has created three curated portfolios which are designed to identify the themes of tomorrow. These baskets are pre-configured collections of stocks and ETFs that you can invest in with a single click. We aim to solve the challenge of “what to invest in” with curated ready-made portfolios that are centred around an idea or a theme. The first three baskets are Silicon Valley, Disruptive Innovation and Megatrends. You can find more information about each basket in their respective collateral. We would be creating new portfolios as newer opportunities/theme emerges in the market
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    • What is the minimum investment amount?

      Currently, for any fresh allocation to any of the above-mentioned portfolios, the minimum investment is $1,000. For an additional/follow-on purchase in the same portfolio, the minimum investment amount is $250.
    • Can NRIs invest via Fintso?

      Yes, NRIs can invest via Fintso. If NRIs are adding funds via India, they can use their existing NRE or NRO accounts and if they are adding funds from their foreign bank accounts which do not fall under LRS, they can directly remit funds from their ...
    • How is Fintso is making global investing easy and accessible?

      Step 1 – Sign up on Fintso and complete your profile and subscription if you haven’t already. Enable ‘Global Investments’ by just accepting the Global Investments Agreement in the Profile section Step 2 – Complete your clients’ online KYC to ...
    • What if Fintso suffers an outage or shuts down?

      Global investing accounts are held by brokerage and clearing services providers in the US. The custody of your account is managed by some of the largest banks and clearing firms in the world. If Fintso goes down, the account will still be safe and ...
    • How can my client remit money to invest through Fintso?

      Once your client’s brokerage account is opened, he/she will need to initiate the fund transfer to the brokerage account. This process could take another 2-3 business days. The remittance can be completed either through an online or offline process. ...