How to unsubscribe Equity Basket portfolio:

How to unsubscribe Equity Basket portfolio:

Kindly download the Small Case in your mobile phone.


1. On the smallcase App, tap the Profile icon on the top-right corner

2. Tap 'Subscriptions'

3. You will see your subscriptions here

4. You will see 3 dots to manage your subscription

5. Tap 'Cancel Subscription'

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      Equity Basket subscriptions are required by users to view the constituent stocks/ETFs as created by SEBI registered professionals as well as to invest in the same. The subscribed clients will also receive periodic rebalance updates based on the ...
    • Client's Equity Basket current value and Broker values don’t match, how is this possible?

      The difference in the method for calculating Average Buy Price (ABP): ·         On the broker platform, the ABP is calculated using FIFO (first in, first out) for tax liability ·         For Equity Basket, the simple average method is adopted for ...
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