What are payment modes available for paying the Principal Amount of the Fixed Deposit application?

What are payment modes available for paying the Principal Amount of the Fixed Deposit application?

Once the distributor initiates the fixed deposit transaction on Fintso, the investor can transfer money through either Net banking or NEFT/RTGS, depending on what was chosen by the distributor.

·         If the payment mode chosen is Net Banking, Mahindra Finance sends an email with a link to payment gateway through which investor can login to their bank account and initiate the transfer.

·         In case of NEFT/RTGS, an email will be sent by Fintso with Beneficiary bank account details. Once the NEFT/RTGS is completed, the investor must share the transaction details (UTR number / transaction reference number) with Fintso, which shall be subsequently shared with Mahindra Finance. The payment link will be active for 7 days.

If the email from Mahindra is not delivered to the investor, kindly get in touch with service@fintso.com
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