How do Equity Baskets work?

How do Equity Baskets work?

There are 3 parts to understand this:


1. Investing

Your clients invest in Equity Baskets by using funds in their Broker account. They can either start an SIP or do a lump-sum investment. All invested Equity Basket constituents will be added to their Demat accounts.


2. Tracking

Both you and your client can track performance, dividends and evaluate the portfolio for invested Equity Baskets. You can see details of every stock, so you know where their money is at all times.


3. Managing

Your clients have complete control on their investments. See and review rebalance updates, edit SIP etc.


💡 Good to know: There are no lock-in periods in Equity Baskets. Like stocks, your clients can sell them whenever you want. We only support stocks/ETFs listed on NSE.

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      Equity Baskets are created and managed by Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) who are SEBI-registered professionals.
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