How can I initiate Cancel / Edit SIP for my client?

How can I initiate Cancel / Edit SIP for my client?

·         Go to Equity Basket Dashboard

·         Click on SIP BOOK where you will see all SIPs done in Equity Baskets

·         Select 'Edit SIP' from the actions available

·         Confirm

Upon successful initiation, the client will get the link on email and Notification on the Fintso Client App for transaction execution.
During execution, the client will see 2 options – whether to Edit SIP or End SIP and can proceed accordingly.

Below SIP details can be edited by client:

·         Frequency: Client can choose Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly or Quarterly

·         Amount: Client can enter any amount greater that the suggested minimum SIP amount

·         Next Instalment Date: Client can select next instalment Date

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